Raw Sounds


Raw Sounds is a programme of music workshops for people with mental health needs, open to young people and adults between the ages of 16-65 accessing mental health services. Our approach seeks to connect with participants in a humanistic way, where the focus is on recognising people as unique, diverse and resilient individuals, and teach new creative skills through collaboration, peer leadership and exchange.


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Make a referral

To attend sessions you must be referred via mental health services. Ask your Care Coordinator or Occupational Therapist to download the form below and email it to info@raw-material.org



If you would like to find out more about our programme please contact Indi or Hannah at info@raw-material.org. Please note that programme managers work part-time so are unable to answer queries by phone. Emails will be replied to as soon as possible.

Hospital ‘In Reach’ Services

Raw Sounds offers participatory music sessions on mental health wards. We bring turntables, microphones, speakers and drums, and get patients involved in collaborative music making.

Our staff are professional musicians experienced in working in hospitals with mental health clients, and finding ways to encourage engagement and motivation. Whether it’s Reggae-karaoke or rapping over Drum’n’Bass, Raw Sounds provides clients with a creative outlet, and puts smiles on faces by playing music in hospitals.

If this sounds like something you’d like to see on your ward contact info@raw-material.org



“Over the last few years, I have referred a number of people to the project with amazing outcomes. The demographic of our young people is diverse, in every area, but the common ground is music, and this service is welcomed and loved by all who attend the sessions. I have seen shy, unconfident, socially awkward people shine and blossom as a result of attending the sessions.” – Hannah Nice, Occupational Therapist, Early Intervention Unit, January 2015


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Listen to music produced on the programme: