Raw Roads international crew are back from New Orleans, what a great experience!

Raw Roads international crew are back from New Orleans, all the better for a great experience.
Playing alongside conscious political Black poets deep in the community, fantastic projects for freed prisoners who had been incorrectly imprisoned for up to 30 years, alligators deep in the swamps. Mississippi steamboats, swamp shacks, giant trucks, Mardi Gras jesters, we joined in on a track from a black and white faced clown – ‘What goes up must come down!’.
Funky brass bands on the street, in the clubs -trumpets, trombones tubas, drums in the street, music on all day and all night on steamy Frenchmen Street. They call it ‘The Big Easy’, because no ones in a rush! We jammed with local musicians in their homes, people coming and going, getting down on the drums, instruments all over the place.
We rocked it at GasaGasa club and ran workshops at the University of New Orleans followed by the hard core poets Slam and culminating with a well received set from Raw Roads. New Orleans people- really cool and friendly, very conscious, aware and political, they have a lot to say about their world in the southern states of America.

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