Sitar Session with Imran Khan

Here at Raw Material we pride ourselves on bringing world music to Brixton, providing regular (free) masterclasses in a variety of instruments and musical skills. Yesterday we were honoured to be joined by Sitar legend Imran Khan who delivered a three hour Sitar workshop to our excited participants!

It’s safe to say that with a total of nineteen strings, the instrument, although beautiful to look at, is more than a little bit daunting for any beginner. However we soon learnt that only six of the strings are actually played, with the rest serving as “sympathetic” strings (which means that they simply resonate in sympathy with the played strings
above them)

Imran, who was joined by Tabla extraordinaire Satyam Modhvadia, shared knowledge and techniques in The Raga System, Tala Rhythm Circles and even some Indian vocal techniques; all leading to a live jam – giving us the perfect opportunity to practice what we learnt and add some of our own sounds!

A massive thank you to Imran and Satyam for the inspiring masterclass, we look forward to more exciting collaborations in the future!

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