Help4RefugeeChildren is a small grass roots political and humanitarian organisation created after several visits to the Calais Refugee Camp to deliver humanitarian aid and large scale food distributions for refugees in the camp.

During these visits we grew extremely concerned about the conditions in which children and families are living there. Raw Material worked alongside Help4RefugeeChildren and volunteers on two visits this summer.

We are aware of the psychological traumas that the children are suffering as well as the difficult situation that they are currently enduring, increasingly now that with the coming of winter. Some of the children I meet in the Jungle, were there alone and as young as just a few months old!

We want to build engagement with refugees focusing on families and young children by running various creative arts workshops – the benefits of these workshops are: teaching basic English, developing confidence, fun and engaging team building helping children develop trust and maintaining hope during this difficult situation. As well as, helping to reduce stress and improve mental health, through engagement in creative, fun and therapeutic activities.

There were about 100 children in the camp, when we started, now and this number is growing every single day and currently is estimated at 500!

They have been left to die in this camp by our European Governments. It is thanks to people like you, who donate today, why they are currently surviving.

The Government has eventually agreed to take a small number of children who have relatives in the UK, so Help4RefugeeChildren will continue to support children both in the UK and those who continue to be displaced in France.

Please donate what you can.
Thank you.

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