Friday night Raw Material DJ at HustleBucks live fashion show in Brixton Market to showcase the designers who represent the young fashion retail brand HustleBucks.  HustleBucks was started by young people in association with 198 Contempory Arts & Learning in 2010. Their idea was to create a social enterprise for young people which will provide opportunities to learn […]

Raw LEGACY event on Friday night, presented by Floetic Lara, saw a host of performers gathering to celebrate and mark Black History and Culture. As the finale to a week of music, poetry, freestyle, film and debate, the line up included an open mic section with the house band followed by  inspiring PA’s and readings […]

Brixton Village got a surprise on Saturday with the first performance of Invisible, the new Raw Roads production from Raw Material. Written by Potent Whisper and directed by Shir Freibach, Invisible explores issues and attitudes to the idea of home and belonging, immigration and xenophobia,  bought to life through a dialogue between a homeless busker, […]