Raw Sounds provides music workshops in hospitals and in the community for people experiencing mental ill health. Over the past twelve weeks participants have been creating new and original music. We invite you to a showcase of work to witness participants development as musicians and the positive impact creativity has on wellbeing. If you’ve referred a client to the programme […]

Raw Sounds was one of 24 arts organisations selected to present their work to health commissioners at the Aesop showcase at the Royal Festival Hall, making the case for investment in arts organisations working in a health context. Raw Sounds programme managers, a participant and a health advocate spoke on the local context of our mental health programme and issues specific […]

Young People’s Programmes at Tate Britain and Tate Modern are partnering with Raw Material’s mental health programme to engage young musicians with visual arts. Participants will work with contemporary and emerging artists to explore identity, style, visual representation, music promotion and performance skills, culminating in producing their own album artwork to takeaway and share across […]