Workshops The groups were a really good size, and allowed me to give time to everyone individually as well as speaking to the group as a whole. We delivered two workshops and one rehearsal in total. (One workshop on the evening we landed, one rehearsal before the show and a final workshop on the Sunday) […]

Hey Guys! As a lot of you already know, Potent Whisper and FLOetic Lara lead a project here at Raw Material entitled “Raw Bars” To those of you who are new to the Raw Material family; “Raw Bars” is a project that works to develop young people’s lyricism, rap and performance skills. Last night, after […]

Kool family! This is Potent Whisper, writing to you from the Raw HQ in Brixton. I’m not going to beat around the bush with some fancy intro, this story doesn’t need one! This summer… I flew to Senegal to represent Raw Material alongside Nanci & Phoebe and Marc Brown. We took the 7 hour flight […]