Raw Material ‘Raw Roads’ team are back from NT Australia after an intense and challenging involvement with The Australasian Aboriginal Arts and Education Association (AAAEA), Music NT, Redhot ArtsĀ  and the Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA), the Bush Bands and Desert Divas groups.

They hit the ground running, participating in the Alice Desert Festival with pop up rap gigs performing in local clubs and youth centres, alongside a didgeridoo player. Their performance with the Divas in the Bush Bands Bash festival was a great event, streamed live across the world- and the Mbante Festival due to start in October will be equally so. Out in the bush in Ntaria, a small Aboriginal community, they delivered music workshops, made music videos, put on a community performance and had a taste of roast kangeroo tails!

After the tranquility of the bush and the remote communities they worked in and now back in noisy old London,the touring team miss the atmosphere, space and laid back vibes. They all have great memories of the indigenous people, musicians, singers, music rangers, the great support from people in Alice Springs and the key youth workers. They found the groups of young people and musicians they worked with in Ntaria and Alice Springs brilliant and they appreciated and value their engagement and interest.

They missed not being able to work more closely with the local musicians from ‘Max and the Cruisers’ and others – but they had a good time playing a couple of tracks with their big star Warren Williams at the Desert Music Club.

Raw Material are intending to continue their involvement with AAAEA, CAAMA and Macdonnell Youth Development in 2014 and plans will be formulated for their participation in a new music festival and recording project, bringing in some new musical influences and approaches.

We look forward to that!

– Tim Brown | Director of Raw Material