Raw Material’s cultural and performance tour was the highlight so far of my 2015 artistic experience. Having the opportunity to introduce the crew to the sights and sounds of New Orleans, the city I call home, was an honor.

Raw Material brought a young vibrant crew of emcees/singers who not only boasted infectious, youthful energy but impeccable songwriting and performance skills well beyond their years. The instrumental backing provided by the seasoned leadership of Raw Material was an honor to work with and has definitely left a positive impression on the individuals and organizations they interacted with while in the Crescent City.

The Raw crew began with an opening reception/meet and greet event at the historic Tekrema Center for Art and Culture, hosted by Greer Goff Mendy. Several local New Orleans musicians, performers & poets gathered to share their artistic visions and welcome the members of the Raw crew. It was a beautiful display of art with a historic New Orleans setting. As a traveler, it is important to me to experience the most genuine cultural experience in respect to the people of that area. Raw Material connected with local New Orleans musicians, renting their equipment and space for rehearsal, resulting in impromptu jam sessions and cultural lessons heard from the mouth of the New Orleanians who lived it!

After finally getting them out of the hotel, the crew dined at Neyow’s known for their authentic Creole cuisine. Raw Material began their musical journey at the Resurrection After Exonneration (RAE House) headed by John Thompson, an ex-felon exonerated after being wrongfully convicted. Raw served as the musical guests to a platform of conscious poets, during RAE House’s monthly cultural programming artistically exploring the black male identity and pride.

The next show took place at New Orleans up and coming, underground venue, Gasa Gasa, Raw showcased with several hot New Orleans hip hop bands for the RAWKUS: International Hip Hop House Party! The tour concluded with a meet the artists’ workshop  & performance at the university of New Orleans!

Again, it was such an honor to welcome the Raw Material crew to my home, and to the people that make up this city both artistically and culturally. It is amazing to have developed such a relationship with an organization, I now consider as family! I look forward to the future and many more cross cultural exchanges, such the Raw Roads International tour!

With gratitude,

Tony Wilson 

Teamvision  Entertainment


Raw Roads international crew are back from New Orleans, all the better for a great experience.
Playing alongside conscious political Black poets deep in the community, fantastic projects for freed prisoners who had been incorrectly imprisoned for up to 30 years, alligators deep in the swamps. Mississippi steamboats, swamp shacks, giant trucks, Mardi Gras jesters, we joined in on a track from a black and white faced clown – ‘What goes up must come down!’.
Funky brass bands on the street, in the clubs -trumpets, trombones tubas, drums in the street, music on all day and all night on steamy Frenchmen Street. They call it ‘The Big Easy’, because no ones in a rush! We jammed with local musicians in their homes, people coming and going, getting down on the drums, instruments all over the place.
We rocked it at GasaGasa club and ran workshops at the University of New Orleans followed by the hard core poets Slam and culminating with a well received set from Raw Roads. New Orleans people- really cool and friendly, very conscious, aware and political, they have a lot to say about their world in the southern states of America.

We have some exciting news about our Raw Roads International Tour to New Orleans this MARCH!!
This year, Raw Material will be working alongside TeamVision Entertainment on our Raw Roads international trip to New Orleans! Raw Material’s Reggae Hip Hop Fusion group Raw Roads will be touring New Orleans March 2nd through 9th with confirmed performances at the Tekrema Center for Culture and Arts, The Rae House and Gasa Gasa for a dope international hip hop house party. Plus, we have workshops and additional bookings on the way.

Our team MC’s Tagz, Paradox and reggae chatter mc, DJ Billski, The sounds of Raw Roads will be accompanied by musician and DJ Wu-lu, percussionist Mike Strocchi and Saxophonist Tim Brown. This tour is brought to you by Teamvision Entertainment and Raw Material with sponsorship from the Arts Council of England.
We are looking forward to our journey to New Orleans and the music and passion we are going to bring!

Tony Wilson is a multitalented powerhouse. An electric performer, Tony Wilson presents a captivating set that blends the worlds of Spoken Word & Hip Hop. Armed with powerful words and a pure joy for performing he creates an energy that wows the crowd and leaves them feeling empowered and motivated.

Known for his captivating and charismatic presence, Tony Wilson’s clever wordplay, powerful delivery and creative punch lines can carry the emotion of the audience.

Tony Wilson has been featured around the country including headlining performances in Minneapolis, MN, Dallas & Houston Texas, Mobile, Alabama. In November 2013 Tony was featured as an opening act for Grammy nominated Hip Hop Group, “The Nappy Roots” and was also selected as director’s Highlight Artist for the 2013 Raw Awards Showcase.

He released his first independent publication in June 2012 titled, Breaking the Cycle: A Collection of Creative Works. Tony released both a Spoken Word EP (“King Of The Misfits: A Spoken Word Experience” November 2012) and a hip hop mixtape (“King Of The Misfits: The Mixtape” June 2013). He is currently working on his first independent studio release “Fearless” expected to be released in the summer of 2014. This spring, Tony is promoting the release of “Fearless” with a European Tour with performances in London, Paris, and Frankfurt.

Tony’s: Official site | Facebook

Here at Raw Material we pride ourselves on bringing world music to Brixton, providing regular (free) masterclasses in a variety of instruments and musical skills. Yesterday we were honoured to be joined by Sitar legend Imran Khan who delivered a three hour Sitar workshop to our excited participants!

It’s safe to say that with a total of nineteen strings, the instrument, although beautiful to look at, is more than a little bit daunting for any beginner. However we soon learnt that only six of the strings are actually played, with the rest serving as “sympathetic” strings (which means that they simply resonate in sympathy with the played strings
above them)

Imran, who was joined by Tabla extraordinaire Satyam Modhvadia, shared knowledge and techniques in The Raga System, Tala Rhythm Circles and even some Indian vocal techniques; all leading to a live jam – giving us the perfect opportunity to practice what we learnt and add some of our own sounds!

A massive thank you to Imran and Satyam for the inspiring masterclass, we look forward to more exciting collaborations in the future!