What Really Matters? aimed to provide a platform for young people’s creativity and to celebrate themes which matter most to us as young people such as community, freedom of expression, politics and mental health. Combining a DJ workshop, arts mural and live music performances, we wanted to provide young people like myself with the experience […]

Raw Sounds provides music workshops in hospitals and in the community for people experiencing mental ill health. Over the past twelve weeks participants have been creating new and original music. We invite you to a showcase of work to witness participants development as musicians and the positive impact creativity has on wellbeing. If you’ve referred a client to the programme […]

Following on from their work with the ENO in ‘Millions of Years’ at the British Museum, Raw Material and Brixton Youth Theatre were at the Coliseum on Friday night for the performance of Akhnaten – a thought-provoking, absorbing experience. Beautifully produced, with amazing sets, lighting and music, it got a definite thumbs up from all the young […]