Young People’s Programmes at Tate Britain and Tate Modern are partnering with Raw Material’s mental health programme to engage young musicians with visual arts. Participants will work with contemporary and emerging artists to explore identity, style, visual representation, music promotion and performance skills, culminating in producing their own album artwork to takeaway and share across their own channels. Initiated by a consultation with participants to the Raw Sounds programme, Tate will commission artists to deliver workshops in photography and graphic design. The project will include a visit to Tate Britain, led by Tate’s young people’s cohort Tate Collective London, leading to a showcase of work at the Raw Sounds end of term gig on the 11th August. The project will enhance existing projects run by Raw Material, provide artist development support and broaden horizons for young people involved.
Project dates in June, July and August 2016.
Tate Collective London is part of Circuit, led by Tate and funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

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Last minute rehearsals are underway with the ENO and Raw Material musicians who have been working with young people over the last few weeks at Brixton Youth Theatre. Akhnaten- 1 Million Years-  tells the story of the legendary Egyptian Pharaoh in this special adaptation.

The whole production relocated to larger rehearsal rooms in Paddington last weekend to work with jugglers, fire eaters and a choir of 100 in preparation for the show at the British Museum Great Court this SUNDAY 6 MARCH at 4pm.

An English National Opera, Raw Material, Brixton Youth Theatre collaboration

Raw’s director was at a Labour party dinner last week and had the opportunity to meet the Mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan. He laid out his vision for London in no uncertain terms, protecting services, equality of opportunity, health, transport, housing and investment, and significantly our membership of the EU. No great shakes you could say- heard it all before, but its a far cry from the empty and as yet unfulfilled promises made by Boris Johnson. The world is swinging in dangerous directions, lets consider our choices carefully.


Final touches are being made to Raw Material Brixton centre both inside and outside. The RAIL crew have been abseiling up and down the building doing the paintwork and roofing, artist Laila B has been finishing off the internal murals and arts works and we are commissioning a piece from Brixton graf artist Tyzer1. The studios and vocal booth have new acoustic panels and we have replaced all the air-conditioning units and low energy heating throughout the building. All looking good, fresh and funky!

Last jobs to complete are re-doing the common areas flooring, doing up the toilets and renovating the wooden flooring in the live room.

Raw Material CEO Tim Brown says – “With the fantastic support we have received from the Arts Council England, BIFFA award and our funders we now have an improved, safe, environmentally friendly, well equipped learning environment suited to all our users – and offering probably one of the best resources in the area. With our young creative team leaders and new operations manager in post, we are well placed to really make a difference in our community and beyond- the doors are open to new ideas, energy and possibilities”

Last Friday Raw Material toured the BBC building in the west end, going behind the scenes of our favourite radio station BBC 1Xtra. We had the chance to meet Greg James presenter of BBC Radio 1 and Charlie Sloth of BBC 1Xtra. Charlie Sloth came out of his radio show to meet us, offering his advice and insight in to his role as a music presenter on the BBC.  We were able to watch them behind the scenes live on air and see how they work. Our highlight was getting the opportunity  to learn how to run our own radio session, operate the sound effects, speaking through the headphones/mic and selecting tunes to play on their player list.

Thank you to BBC for the opportunity and to Charlie Sloth for his support!