The ‘Programmed Perception’ exhibition at Raw Material presented a house full of surprises of innovative perceptions and styles. Graffitied traffic stands and discarded wheel trims, challenges about urban and open spaces, stark dialogue issuing from dead pan heads projected onto cubes in darkened studios, surrealist plaster casts adorned an upright piano, the work was intriguing […]

Raw Basics offers people referred by mental health services a weekly opportunity to develop their musical skills and abilities in structured sessions, combining music theory and practice. This week Monday group was full to bursting with instrumentalists getting their heads around pentatonic scales in the workshop, with a special session introduced by Raw Basics member […]

Raw Sounds was one of 24 arts organisations selected to present their work to health commissioners at the Aesop showcase at the Royal Festival Hall, making the case for investment in arts organisations working in a health context. Raw Sounds programme managers, a participant and a health advocate spoke on the local context of our mental health programme and issues specific […]

The Great Court at British Museum was full to capacity on Sunday afternoon  March 4 with the ENO, Raw Material, Brixton Youth Theatre, the Community Choir and Jugglers performance of ‘Millions of Years’. Based on the story of the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten, who imposed on society the radical idea of worshipping a single deity, the […]